Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The bike will not win.

I hate doing any exercise for 60 minutes.

I do 60 minutes cardio at least 2 times a week (for the moment) and I always switch it up.

  • 60 minutes split evenly between treadmill/elliptical/bike
  • 60 minutes split between treadmill/bike or elliptical bike
  • Uneven split between treadmill/bike/elliptical
All of this just serves to keep me entertained while I'm working out.  (I get bored easily.)  It also allows me to work my butt of on each for X amount of time, stop, go get a drink of water, and then start on something else and work my butt off - again.  But as any of you who have been reading, I've got a stress fracture on my left foot and the doctor has forbidden me from all forms of cardio (including long-distance walking) except for the stationary bike.  

I'm not a big fan of the stationary bike.

After the doctor's recommendations, I immediately hated the stationary bike.  Of all the things to "allow" me to do, the bike?  Why not the treadmill - which I can switch up for an hour no problem?Well, I can't change anything now, and I surely don't want a boot put on my leg.  So I biked Monday for 30 minutes before doing some weightlifting.  Not bad, I'd done this before as well.

Yesterday was going to be the test.  60 minutes of cardio depended on it.  I got on, not excited about the programming on tv - baseball, I hate watching baseball on tv.   The first 30 minutes were no problem - I've done that before.  By 40 minutes, I was ready to quit.  So, I started playing games - when a hit was made, I'd pedal like crazy for 15 seconds.  (also made the game more interesting)  By 50 minutes, I didn't think I could sit on the seat any longer - my butt was very sore!  But by 55 minutes, I was counting down!!!  I got a surge of energy and pedaled away.  I finished my 60 minutes.  Monitor said 12 miles.  Yeah!

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MizFit said...

you are SO ALLOWED TO HATE IT---just, for now, you have to (should? mightcouldtry?) do it.