Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week in Review

Thanks for the encouragement Chubby Chick and Mizfit! I did good this week! :)


Last week: 245 lbs.
Yesterday: 243 lbs.
2 lb loss!!

I feel good about heading in the right direction. I bought groceries and managed to stock up on some good stuff. Breakfast was good - mostly Raisin Bran with skim milk and a banana for breakfast. Lunch - not bad. I brought my food all week, either a sandwich with carrot sticks, or leftovers. I also brought an apple and some cheese (pepper jack, my favorite!) for snacks. Dinner - I ate out 1 time but I cooked at home otherwise. Thursday is "Wings" night and though we normally don't go get wings anymore, we still go out. I've been planning for this now and I just try to get something that's a little "healthier" than my usual. Even if I get something greasy (which I still like to eat) I just try to watch my portions. Got frozen custard a few times but this is not usually the case, I usually only go once a week. Drank water and milk all week - no tea since my labmates are both out of town and I had no one talking me into going to Starbucks for a break.


I went to work out 4 times this week! Yeah! I tried to do the whole 30 min in the morning/30 min at night thing - did not work. BUT, I went Monday and Wednesday night: 30 min cardio/ 30-40 min weights. I went Tuesday MORNING and worked out for an hour doing cardio. This may be really good time to go since the gym is practically empty after 7 AM. We'll see how I get up in the morning. And, I went to work out on Friday doing about 40 min of cardio.


I'm still having some trouble sleeping, but I think it's starting to get better. I've slept on average 6-7 hours a night, but I could still use some consistency.

For the upcoming week
This week, I'm just going to try to keep everything up.
Food - I did better this week and I hope to do the same this coming week. I'm about to go get some more carrots since I ran out and some more salad and get ready for a new week.
Drinking water has been so much nicer with the new Brita Pitcher I bought. I actually taste the difference and I like the taste of my water a lot more now. :)
Exercise - I did better last week, I'm going to try to keep it up. Surprise, surprise. I finally went to the doctor about my foot. Wednesday night I went jogging and Thursday morning it hurt to walk from the parking lot to the chemistry building. I had to stop, let the pain subside, and then keep walking. NOT GOOD. Well, turns out I have the beginnings of a stress fracture in my left foot. This means no more treadmill or elliptical. I can't even do walking for distance. I can, however, ride a stationary bike. That's it. So, all my cardio for the next few weeks is stationary bike. I'm not one to stick to one particular exercise - I usually do all three during my cardio - so this will be... different. Otherwise, if in a week my foot feels worse I'm getting a boot. I can't have that, so it's only biking for me. Weights are okay, so I'll keep doing that.
Sleep - Consistency. I've been getting into my book and that just means I need to go to bed earlier. I'm hoping to go to bed by 10:30 PM and go to sleep by 11 PM every night.

Have a great weekend!

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Kara Jackson said...

Good job on the 2lbs! I get really excited about little things like that...:)
I love how you incorporate your sleeping patterns on this blog too, I think that's really important. I've become a fan!