Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week in Review

I've been bad this week.


Starting: 246 lbs.
Today: 245 lbs.
Not much difference, but it's in the right direction! And considering my week - yay!

Again, I was bad this week in this area all around. I was okay with breakfasts all week. Lunch, well, I brought my food twice but ended up buying something the rest of the week. I ate Subway (roast beef sub) and tuna salad on wheat and then I had... TACO BELL. :( Drank water, tea, milk all week, no sodas! :) Dinner was worse. I bought take out every night, using the excuse that I had no groceries and had nothing to eat at home.


This week, I only worked out twice. I know, I know. I was supposed to do 3 and try to increase to 4. No such luck. My ankle started hurting really bad on Wednesday - not too sure why, but I'm sure my attempt to run on Tuesday was to blame. So, I took Wednesday off to recuperate. The rest of the week, I had stuff going on at night that prevented I chose to do instead of working out.


I have been sleeping terribly since last week. I guess it didn't help that we went out Saturday night to celebrate someone's Ph.D. defense going well. (Way to go M!) Drank too much, stayed up til 2:30 AM. All I have to say is that I don't usually drink and this event wore me out. I think the alcohol triggered my insomnia, but I'm not sure. I'll look it up and let you know what I find out. I tried going to bed by 11 PM all week, but between reading my book, my a/c going out (I can't sleep when I'm hot and sweaty), and insomnia, I slept on average 5-6 hours a night. Not good.

For the upcoming week
Next week, I'm trying to revamp everything.
, eat better for sure. I already went grocery shopping so that I can't use the "I don't have food at home..." excuse. Bought tons of fruit, veggies, lunch stuff and other things much better for me than eating out. :) I also bought a new Brita Pitcher the green pitcher(!!) so that I can drink even more water and fill it for during the day. Just so you know, I bought it at Target for $5 off, and it came with a $5 gift card to Target. If you visit the website you can register to receive a $5 coupon for the pitcher and a $1 coupon for the filters. Okay, back to me.
Exercise. I need to go to the gym more consistently and I've been devising a plan. I think I'm going to do a revised version of my workouts from 2005. In the morning. I know, I don't want to get up early. Yet. So, for the meantime, I'm going to go 3o minutes every morning (M-F) which shouldn't be a huge problem because I normally get up at 7 AM but I waste time and don't get around to getting ready until 8 AM. You heard me right, 30 minutes everyday. That will give me no excuse not to work out everyday, but this won't be all. I still enjoy my workouts on M-W nights, so, I will work out then as well. In order to not overdo it, I will do cardio Tuesday night for 30 min but weights on Monday and Wednesday. This will bump my workout time for the week from 3 - 60 min workouts to 8 - 30 min workouts. Basically adding my 4th workout for the week, but spreading the time out. Then, I can start increasing times, doing more in the morning if I get in the habit of getting up earlier, and switch it up more. Right now, I need more workout time and more consistency. The last post really made me realize that I like working out period. In the morning, in the evening, I just do. We'll see how this works out.
Sleep. I just need to force myself to go to bed and shut off the tv. My goal will again be to go to bed by 10:30 PM and go to sleep by 11 PM.

Have a great weekend!


Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on the loss! You're definitely moving in the right direction. And good luck with your goals for the week. You can do it! :)

Krissie said...

Email me your address at
and I'll put your cd in the mail!

MizFit said...

ok KUDOS ON THE LOSS but not so much :) for the deeming yerself BAD this week (please to see negative selfchatter and cross reference under fifty lashes with a wet highprotein noodle by the MizFit)

and YES.
your new goals? perfect and you SO can nail em.